Dedicated Web-Based Platform

Easily accessible, secure, and optimised for low-spec devices.

Multi-player, Networked Gamification

Muster is the ONLY online platform which provides comprehensive business team learning as a group activity in real time. As near to face-to-face workshopping as you can get!

Automated CO2 Emissions Calculator

Get immediate feedback on your carbon savings – saving the planet whilst mustering with your remote team.

Video, Voice & Chat Communication

Live interaction with your colleagues, whilst you work through team learning activities together

Mixed-media learning content

The power of immersive, interactive, game-rich team development with entertaining videos, articles, AR, 3D games and reference material.

Interactive Dashboards

Keep track of the team’s progress, priorities, values, and goals, ensuring your team focus on what matters most.

Turnkey, modular or bespoke packages

One stop shop: Everything you need to stimulate great team working, to suit your company needs. All on one Muster platform

Impactful and Proven Business Tools

Imaginative business tools underpinned by our years of working in learning and development, helping you diagnose, analyse, plan, and agree team improvement activities.

Comprehensive toolkit

Repeatable workshop sessions supporting benchmarking, skills development, opportunity mapping, change management, relationship building, Diversity and Inclusion and much more…

“Teams don’t become great by magic, unless that magic is Muster”



Team development isn’t a luxury: it’s an absolute necessity. Now, with Muster, every team can access it, even if it is remote.

Online collaboration tools scale up productivity by 30%

Mixed reality learning results in 25% increased productivity.

Game-based learning delivers 11% higher factual knowledge, 14% higher skill-based knowledge, and 9% higher retention rates

Effective teamwork raises financial performance by 30%

Effective teamwork raises individual performance by <25%



Muster Genies is the brainchild of Dr. Rose Kay and Tim Lambert. It has grown out of their more established companies, Gazooky Studios and Kay-Lambert Associates, to focus on harnessing cutting edge technology, world class award-winning creativity and decades of experience helping companies build high performing teams.


Tim Lambert

Tim Lambert


Our Muster Wizard. Tim is the founding director of Muster Genies having previously set up and run Kay-Lambert Associates. He specialises in Leadership & Team Development, Executive Coaching, and Strategy. Born in England to a Scottish mother, he is an unapologetic Europhile who can occasionally be seen wearing a kilt and sipping a single malt. He is a converted cat lover, and a recovering actor having spent the first ten years of his professional life treading the boards. Tim has held previous roles in Arts organisations, Education, Recruitment, Social Services and Manufacturing. He is a Fellow of the RSA.

Dr Rose Kay

Dr. Rose Kay


Our Muster Conjurer. Rose is a co-founder of Muster Genies. As a Bafta winning filmmaker and published author, she is the creative driving force of the business, and is at the forefront of ground-breaking immersive technologies designed to bring stories and places to life. Rose has worked in the performing Arts, Education, Film, Television & Radio industries, and continues to do so. She has a Phd from Manchester University and as yet hasn’t been tempted to say, “Trust me, I’m a doctor”.


Daniel Szweda


Our Muster Magician. Daniel is an experienced and creative Full-stack developer, who conjures remarkable solutions to tricky technical problems. His skill set covers Project Management, Unity 3D developer, Cloud System architecture, Networking and AR. As a software engineer, he has expertise in the development of web applications and APIs used in global scale integration environments. He also bakes great cakes, which makes him our very own Mr Kipling!

Bartosz Bielinski

Bartosz Bielinski


Our Muster Sorcerer. Bartosz is an experienced games developer with a creative and inquisitive mind. He is motivated by creating experiences that excite, entertain, and educate, which is why he is perfect for our Muster platform. He is skilled with programming in JavaScript, C++ and PHP, and works primarily with the games physics engine, Unity. Bart graduated with a BSc in Computer Games Development from Northampton University and has since worked as an IT Technician and Web Developer, adding new strings to his bow.


Tim Lambert

CEO, Kay-Lambert Associates

“Traditional team building activities have required disruptive, expensive, and planet-unfriendly travel in order to gather people together in a physical location. Now, with Muster, teams can access these rich experiences virtually, regularly, and profitably, even if their members are spread across the globe. This is a lifeline for any team that takes its own development seriously. It enables remote teams to Play, Learn, Perform, and Prosper.”

“Great ideas. Completely see the value in this type of platform”

“I love the principles and philosophy that this is built on!”

“Great tool and I can see masses of potential with it.”



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