What makes Muster a must for any team?

December 17, 2021
December 17, 2021 Tim Lambert

What makes Muster a must for any team?

This revolutionary SaaS product transforms the way business teams grow their capability. And all from the comfort of your living room.

Let’s start with the assumption that spending time developing your team is a good thing. It’s not overly provocative to make such a statement, and hard to dispute given the amount of reliable data that exists to back it up. You don’t need to look far for evidence that shows effective teamwork:

1. accounts for lower staff burnout
2. raises financial performance by as much as 30%
3. raises individual performance by as much as 25%

But becoming an effective team isn’t a given. It takes effort, time, and focus; it often relies on accessing professional support; and until recently, it nearly always required teams to gather in person to participate in teambuilding activities.

So much has changed in the last decade. Most recently, the pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate where we work from; the climate catastrophe is forcing us to consider whether road, rail, and air travel is strictly necessary; and productivity pressures are making us think twice about spending two days plus jet lag traveling to a meeting that could easily be done by other means. The trouble is, that team building has been left out in the cold. For many teams, it’s been put on the back burner, waiting for that mythical time when things ‘return to normal’ and we’ll all be together again. That isn’t likely to happen, at least anytime soon. The rise of remote working, proliferation of global teams, pressures on company budgets, and planetary concerns all mean that team building activity runs the risk of being side-lined…at considerable financial risk to companies that choose that option.

Fortunately, companies no longer have to make that choice because with Muster, teams can continue to focus on becoming a high-performing team without leaving the home office. That’s because Muster is a multi-player toolkit that presents teams with everything they need develop the skills and behaviours required for team excellence. It is collaborative, interactive, playful, flexible, and highly engaging with its comprehensive multi-media, gamified content.

Interactive Teambuilding game This SaaS product developed in collaboration with our partners at Gazooky Studios  not only delivers the benefits of teambuilding in an accessible and more affordable way. It also benefits from the fact that:

1. Online collaboration tools scale up productivity by 30%
2. Mixed reality learning results in 25% increased productivity
3. Game-based learning delivers 11% higher factual knowledge, 14% higher skill-based knowledge, and 9% higher retention rates

So, Muster really is a must for any team, whether remote or not.

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